A: When no appointments are available it just means that all our appointments for the current week are full. If it is before July it is likley we have not opened appointments for the coming season yet. 

A: We open up appointments continually throughout the summer. If there are no appointments one day, we may have added some new ones by the next time you check. We also only open appointments a week in advance. We cannot open up all our appointments for the whole summer because it is impossible to know how many strawberries will be available each day that far in advance. 

A: We get the most requests for appointments in July which makes it the hardest time to get an appointment. Our strawberries get larger and more plentiful in August and September, wich means we are able to have more groups out later in the season! I always suggest to try and book an appointment in August, but we are always happy to have you! 

A: We want to ensure that if you make the trip to our field that we have strawberries for you to pick! We try and schedule only as many pickers as we have strawberries. 

A: This question helps us plan how many pickers we can have out in a day. If we think we have about 50lbs of strawberries on the field, we can schedule 10 appointments for people who want 1 basket (5lbs each), or 2 apppointments of people who want to pick 5 baskets (25lbs each). This is just an estimate and if you choose to pick more or less that is ok. However, if you book an appointment for 1 basket and ask to pick 10 baskets, we cannot garantee we will have enough strawberries for you to pick, and may ask you to come back for a second appointment. 

A: Unfortunately we cannot answer or return phone calls at this time. We are a small family run strawberry upick and we are doing our best to keep up with all the forms of messages that come in. We ask that you email us at strawberryfieldsedm@gmail.com regarding any concerns and we will do our best to respond in a timley manner. If you are inquiring about your position on the wait list, I assure you that you are still on it. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause and we appreciate your patience! 

A: We grow seascape strawberries. They are a good sized strawberry and get larger as the season goes on. This means that our largest strawberries come in August and September. The plants create strawberries of all sizes, and how large the strawberries are on the day you come pick may very depending on who picked your particular row the day before, or even depends on how the weather has been. For pictures of our strawberries check out our instagram page!

A: We have always asked that you take your strawberries home and wash them before trying them. This year thats more important than ever! Alberta is now the North America hotspot for human alveolar echinoccosis, a rare parasitic infection. It is important that you wash ALL produce that comes from the ground or grows close to the ground before eating.